Raise Your Voice with the Superior Singing Method Program

Superior Singing MethodWe can’t all sound like Beyonce, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to sing well enough that people don’t compare your voice to the sound that a hoarse, angry cat makes? ( I can’t be the only one who’s received that criticism, right?) Vocal training is expensive, though, and very few of us have the time to commit to lessons. That’s where the Superior Singing Method comes in, allowing you to train your voice from the comfort of home for a much more reasonable price.

About the Product

Superior Singing Method is vocal training course created by professional vocalist instructor Aaron Anastasi; it provides at-home lessons for singers of every skill level—even those who are past the beginner stage. The entire course last eight weeks and includes 8 modules, plus 2 extra modules, and 4 bonus courses. If you choose the one-time payment option, you’ll be paying $97. You can also break it up into 3 payments of $39.95 each.

The course is full of tips and tricks for how to improve your voice, but, if done correctly and practiced diligently (you may have to go through the program a few times to pick everything up), Anastasi says his coaching can affect your:

Vocal tone
Do you even know what your tone is? If you don’t, you will after taking this course. Additionally, you’ll learn how to best show off your vocal tone and uncover your unique tone in the process. Eventually, you should notice that your tone is smoother, fuller, and richer than it had ever been.

Pitch accuracy
If your pitch is all over the place, this is a lesson that will really help. Your muscles will strengthen, affording your greater control over your pitch, and your pitch will improve overall.

Vocal agility
You may not recognize the phrase “vocal agility” (I know I didn’t), but it is a key part of becoming a better singer, yet it is one that is often overlooked. “Vocal agility” refers to how fast a singer can go from one note to another. Being able to control your speed in this way is essential for staying on beat.

Vocal range
Most singers, especially those who aspire to sing professionally, want to increase their vocal range, but when done incorrectly, it can damage your voice (which is rather counterproductive). With Superior Singing Method, Anastasi will guide you through exercises that are specifically aimed at increasing your range.


Superior Singing Method
Superior Singing Method


  • Video tutorials
    Too many of these tutorial-type products only come with PDF e-books, but Superior Singing Method comes with video tutorials. These are incredibly helpful, and will demonstrate all of the techniques that Anastasi recommends to vocalists. It makes it easy to ensure that you are performing the exercises correctly.
  • You can check out the creator before you buy
    Often, the creators behind these programs are rather mysterious, with very little information available on them. This is not the case with the person who made Superior Singing Method. His name, as previously mentioned, is Aaron Anastasi, and he actually has a Youtube channel that you can check out before you purchase his product.
  • Plenty of content
    Those 8 modules have over 50 instructional videos and 30 singing exercises, as well as bonus courses on marketing and advanced singing techniques.
  • Affordable
    While $100 may seem like a steep price, compare that to the price of hiring a vocal coach or paying for lessons. If you haven’t already looked into paying for lessons, go do that now and come back.

Are you back? Yeah, $100 for two months of coaching doesn’t seem so steep now, does it?


  • Purely digital
    The content that you pay for is purely digital, with a download made available to you right after purchase. This makes it more portable and I personally don’t have a problem with the digital format, but some may want something tangible in return for their money.
  • Takes dedication and change
    Mastering any skill takes dedication and drive, and singing is no exception. If you want to see results, you have to be willing to put in the work hours.

Final Judgment
As long as you recognize that improving your singing voice takes more than just buying this course and halfheartedly following along, then Superior Singing Method is a great product. It’s easy to understand and gives step-by-step instructions and if followed correctly, can truly improve your singing voice.